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Gum Irritation and Teeth Whitening

Gum irritation is a common side effect during a tooth whitening treatment. While it’s usually mild and rarely causes serious discomfort, there are steps you can take to prevent gum irritation during the whitening process. To prevent gum irritation: Follow the instructions carefully on all over-the-counter whitening systems. Avoid having whitening gels, strips or paint-on […]

Patient’s Guide to DIAGNOdent

Locating hidden decay before it destroys tooth structure is the best way to maintain dental health. During a dental exam, your dentist does a visual inspection of your teeth, uses special tools to probe them looking for soft areas and routinely takes X-rays to find decay. X-rays work well to find decay in between teeth […]

Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom teeth, also known as third molars, are the last set of teeth to develop. For most people, wisdom teeth appear in their late teens or early twenties – often thought of as the ‘age of wisdom.’ These teeth appear behind the upper and lower second molars know as ’12 year’ molars. Some people never […]

Tips For Affordable Dental Care

Difficult economic times can cause people to neglect their medical and dental health care needs. If you’re not sure how to afford dental health care for yourself or your family, there are several options available. Check out the tips below so you won’t have to sacrifice your oral health. Tips for affording dental care: Each […]

Teeth Whitening With Toothpaste

In general all toothpastes can be considered whitening products due to the abrasives that are added to the paste. These mild abrasives remove debris on the teeth and expose the cleaner, whiter surface underneath. A few toothpastes on the market also contain chemical bleaching agents such as peroxide which help remove deep intrinsic as well […]