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How To Keep a “Spooktacular Smile”: Halloween Candy & Cavities

halloween candy & cavities With Halloween fast approaching, Americans will spend nearly $2 billion on candy. This accounts for part of the annual 50 million tons of sugar consumed by kids on a global scale. The chilling part for trick or treaters is that tooth decay can occur if these sugary substances are left on […]

Tooth Decay: Treatment and Symptoms

Tooth decay, or cavities, is the active process of tooth destruction caused by interactions between teeth, bacteria and a diet high in sugar and starch. Natural bacteria live in the mouth and form plaque which is a clear, sticky, film-like substance. Initially plaque is easy to remove from teeth. However, as it builds up it […]

Teeth 101: All You Need To Know

What They Are: Located in the mouth, teeth are small, calcifiedstructures with roots that extend into the gums and jawbone. A tooth consists of many layers. The outer layer, called the enamel, is made of hard crystal. The second layer, called dentin, is softer. The pulp, which is found in the middle of the tooth, […]