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Do You Have Sensitive Teeth?

Tooth sensitivity is a common condition that can affect people of all ages. Tooth sensitivity occurs when the tooth enamel wears away, exposing the under layer or dentin. When the nerve endings in the root area are exposed to extreme temperatures, the result is often discomfort or pain. The pain or discomfort can be triggered […]

What Is Dental Plaque?

  Dental plaque is a thin, sticky, light yellow film that develops naturally on teeth. It’s the gooey, almost colorless substance you find on dental floss after it’s been used to clean between your teeth.   Plaque is made up of groups of bacteria called biofilm that attach to the tooth’s surface, mainly in tight […]

How to Treat Tooth Infections and Dental Abscesses

Tooth infections refer to a disease of the teeth or the surrounding gum or jaw area. A tooth infection can be very painful and if not treated, can lead to more serious conditions that require more complicated interventions. Tooth Infections: Common tooth infections, which are localized in the living pulp tissue, come from tooth decay […]