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Dental Care For Senior Citizens

Advancing age can bring numerous dental health care issues for the older adult. Some of the oral conditions that affect older individuals are not a result of old age but come from years of poor dental hygiene. Maintaining good oral health in later years can help senior citizens experience a good quality of life and […]

Afraid Of Going To The Dentist?

 There are many people for whom a simple trip to the dentist is far from simple.  75% of adults in the US experience fear before a dental visit. While many of us may be a bit nervous, some individuals have a more intense reaction called ‘dentophobia. ‘ Dentophobia covers a range of specific fears but […]

How To Have A Beautiful Smile On Your Wedding Day

The most important day of your life is finally here. Everything is prepared – the wedding location, the date and the gown that you will be wearing down the aisle. And you have everything about your appearance in control – your skin is glowing and your hair will be styled by a professional that you’ve […]