How Often Is It Necessary To Have Dental X-Rays?

Many factors go into determining the frequency of dental x-rays. These include present oral health, age considerations and signs and symptoms of oral disease.

X-rays are used to show decay under fillings or between teeth, abscesses, periodontal gum disease, bone loss and some types of tumors.

Some people may need X-rays as often as every six months. Others who visit the dentist regularly and who show no signs of oral disease may only require X rays every couple of years.

Children often require X-rays more often than adults due to early stages of tooth development and because they are more likely to get tooth decay.

If you are a new patient your dentist will take a history, do an examination and most likely recommend a full-mouth dental x-ray to establish a baseline record.

If you’re concerned about radiation exposure, you should know that it is very small compared to daily exposure to the elements. While the effects of radiation exposure increase over the course of your life, dental x-rays do not give enough exposure to cause harm.

If you’re pregnant and x-rays are absolutely necessary for overall oral health (untreated infections can pose risk to the fetus), safety precautions will be taken by using a leaded apron with a thyroid collar. This provides ultimate protection to the neck area so radiation exposure is extremely low.

A newer dental x-ray technique which uses less radiation than the typical x-ray is called ‘digital imaging.’ Dr. Romano at Romano Dental in Bridgeport, CT uses this new technology.

Dental x-rays are necessary in early detection and treatment of dental problems and are beneficial in helping maintain good oral health.

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