Stabilizing Dentures with Implants

Denture illustration

If all your lower or upper teeth are missing, dentures can be made to replace teeth. However, many have diffculty eating with dentures because they can move, lift and drop. An option to help this is to  stabilize your removable denture using a small number of implants. This can sometimes be a cost-effective solution.

After implants are placed and tissue has healed,  abutment posts are attached to the implants. Your current denture can sometimes be modified, or a new denture can be created with post attachments. The modified denture is snapped into place, where it is retained by the dental implants and supported by your jaw. You simply snap the denture out each night for cleaning ands snap it back in the morning!

Mouth before dentures
Mouth with dental implants
Dentures that can attach to dental implants

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