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Mini Dental Implants

Mini Dental Implants are used to replace missing teeth. They are comprised of titanium screws that resemble a tooth or group of teeth and with a ball shaped head, they can be used for permanently cemented crowns or bridges and to secure full dentures. The implants are small, with a diameter approximately the size of […]

Connecticut Mission of Mercy March 2012

The Connecticut Mission of Mercy (CTMOM) is a large-scale dental clinic where dental treatment is provided at no cost to individuals who cannot afford dental care. This 2-day clinic provides free dental care to under-served and uninsured Connecticut residents. Dental services will be provided to anyone (children, adults and the elderly) who are without dental […]

Scaling and Root Planing Therapy in Periodontal (Gum) Disease

An estimated 70% of the adult U.S. population is affected by Periodontal (gum disease) disease, an often painless infection of the gum and bone. The cause of periodontal disease is a build-up of bacterial plaque which is a sticky, colorless film that sticks to teeth at the gum line. The plaque produces poisons which cause […]

Dental X-rays and Digital Panorex

X-rays are a vital tool for preventative dentistry. They often help the dentist detect cavities and periodontal problems before they’re seen or felt. Early diagnosis and treatment can prevent more involved procedures such as root canals or crowns. The most common x-rays taken are: Bitewing: x-ray the back teeth Periapical: x-ray the whole tooth from […]