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Gum Disease

Gum Disease Treatment in Bridgeport and Fairfield, CT

With the majority of Americans dealing with some form of gum disease it’s important that we provide you with a variety of treatment options to handle everything from mild cases to the more severe ones. If left untreated, gum disease has some serious long-term consequences, from damage to the gums to potentially tooth loss. Before these issues happen to you, discover how LANAP gum therapy from Romano Dental in Bridgeport & Fairfield, CT could be exactly what you need to manage your gum disease.

How We Treat Gum Disease

Gum Disease Bridgeport & Fairfield

LANAP, which stands for “Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure”, is a dental laser that uses a pulsed Nd:YAG laser to turn light energy into heat within diseased tissues that we are treating. To treat gum disease, we go inside the diseased periodontal pockets to remove any damaged tissue or bacteria. The laser’s heat is strong enough to destroy bacteria and remove bad tissue while keeping healthy tissue intact.

Once the tissue and bacteria are removed we will use special ultrasonic tools to clean the tooth roots, to create a less hospitable environment for bacteria to grow. Bleeding is a normal part of the surgical process. Using the LANAP laser we create a stable blood clot that prevents bacteria from entering the periodontal pocket again. Then over the course of several months (anywhere from six to 12 months) both the bone and tissue will grow and reattach to the tooth.

What makes this procedure such a great option for someone dealing with gum disease is that it is only minimally invasive compared to traditional flap surgery, which requires a more extensive recovery time and often comes with more significant post-surgical side effects. Bleeding, soreness and other issues are minimal after laser treatment, as compared to traditional surgery. Plus, with the LANAP procedure we won’t have to remove as much tissue, which also reduces the amount of post-procedural discomfort. And not requiring incisions or stitches is a major plus for any patient having to undergo gum disease treatment.

To learn more about gum disease or the LANAP procedure and whether it’s right for you, call our dental office today at (203) 372-0881. Romano Dental serves the Bridgeport and Fairfield, CT communities.

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