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Periodontal ( gum ) disease attacks the gums and bone that hold the teeth in place . It is both the most common and most ignored dental problem in America . More teeth are lost through periodontal disease than all other dental diseases combined .

Tens of thousands toothless Americans find out about the disease too late . There is one reason why periodontal disease is ignored : it sneaks up on a person, working painlessly over a period of 20 – 30 years in most cases .
It also gets an early start . Studies show that  as early as age 13 , about 4 of every 5 teenagers already have begun the slow march to periodontal damage .

The issue is that most do not think of dental problems unless there is pain . If their teeth do not ache , then they think that their teeth are fine.

There are several signs of periodontal disease :
– Bleeding gums when brushing
– Bad breathe
– Swollen and tender gums
– Receded gum lines
– Bite feels off
– Loose teeth
– Pus from the gum especially when you press on the tooth .

The disease is caused by bacteria that forms plaque . If not removed , the plaque hardens into calcified deposits called tartar . This bacteria creates inflammation of the gums and gradually destroys the supporting bone that surround the roots of the teeth .

Professional dental scalings and cleanings gently removes plaque and tartar . The dentist can examine your teeth and gums to help prevent the disease or treat the disease if it has already begun . It is an important investment in the health of your mouth and your well-being

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