Dr. Frank Romano Named One of America’s Top Dentists for 2013!

Again this year Dr. Frank Romano has been named one of America’s Top Dentists!

The Consumers’ Research Council of America compiled the list of Top Dentists in the United States by utilizing a point value system. This method gives a point value for specific criteria which are deemed important to determine which dentists are ‘Top Dentists.’ The criteria used was:

  • Experience:

Each year the dentist has been in practice

  • Training:

Education and Continuing Education

  • Board Certification:

ADA recognized Dental specialties

  • Professional Associations:

Membership in Dental associations

Simply put, dentists that have accumulated a certain amount of points qualified for the list. It was felt that a point value system eliminates the personal and emotional factors and deals only with factual criteria. Certain assumptions have been made i.e., that more years in practice is better than less years in practice; that more education is better than less education, etc.

No fees, donations, sponsorships or advertising are accepted from any individuals, professionals, corporations or associations. This policy is strictly adhered to, ensuring an unbiased selection.

Congratulations Dr. Romano!

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