Gum Irritation and Teeth Whitening

Gum irritation is a common side effect during a tooth whitening treatment.

While it’s usually mild and rarely causes serious discomfort, there are steps you can take to prevent gum irritation during the whitening process.

To prevent gum irritation:

  • Follow the instructions carefully on all over-the-counter whitening systems.
  • Avoid having whitening gels, strips or paint-on products come in contact with your gums.
  • Don’t overdo it. Higher peroxide concentrations and more frequent use don’t give better results as teeth can only whiten a certain amount at a time.
  • Custom fitted trays made in the dental office help prevent gum irritation by keeping excess whitener away from the gums. See your dentist for a bleaching kit that you can take home.
  • Some dentists use a dental dam that isolates the teeth from the bleaching agent and prevents it from getting on the gums. Schedule an appointment for in-office professional tooth whitening with better results and fewer side effects.

See your dentist to get a recommendation for the best whitening treatment for your dental needs.

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