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Fluoride Treatments and Cavity Prevention in Children

While many parents would like to see their children grow to maturity without having a single cavity, that scenario is the exception rather than the rule. But don’t despair. There are many ways to help prevent cavities. Besides eating healthy foods and brushing twice daily, children can benefit from fluoride treatments every time they visit […]

Green Tea and Dental Health

For the last 4,000 years the Chinese have known about the medicinal properties of green tea for relieving headaches, improving mood and helping concentration.  Green tea is the #1 beverage in Asian culture and it’s becoming increasingly popular in the United States for its potential health benefits. Although all tea is made from the leaves […]

The History of Toothpaste

Throughout history, people have tried many methods to clean their teeth. From 300-500 BC ancient civilizations used harsh and toxic solutions to clean stains from their teeth. The mixture consisted of crushed bone, egg and oyster shell and the ingredients were so abrasive that they harmed the enamel of the teeth. Ancient Egyptians mixed powdered […]